We can help with your FEMA flood insurance requirements by providing the following:

Elevation Certificates in Flood Zones AE
(where Flood Elevations have been determined).

Elevation Certificates are required for the new purchase of Flood Insurance, or re-issuance of an expired Flood Insurance policy.

Elevation surveys will determine the Flood Elevations and provide the insurance agent with data needed to determine your insurance premiums.

An Elevation Certificate is also recommended to accurately determine your flood insurance premium.

An Elevation Certificate may reveal the structure is not in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), which may allow your structure to be removed from the flood plain, and to eliminate the need for flood insurance. (Check with your lender).

Elevation Certificates in A Flood Zones
(where Flood Zones determined by approximate methods only)

In Flood Zone A, detailed studies of Flooding have not been completed by FEMA, so no Base Flood Elevations (BFE) exist. We can assist you with proper flood elevations by applying for a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) from FEMA.

Although our work is more complex than that required for an Elevation Certificate, we will complete a survey of the property and stream, and prepare a plan of the survey to FEMA along with a LOMA application. FEMA will use the data to compute the BFE, and whether the structure is in the SFHA (the “Flood Plain”. (We cannot guarantee that the LOMA will be successful, but we have been successful in most cases in receiving LOMA approvals. This is a site-specific situation.)

The FEMA LOMA determination is done by FEMA without charge for a single property. The process normally will take 45-60 days after being submitted electronically. We will take care of the paperwork and submission process for you.

The following data is required to be submitted:
Copy of tax map or record subdivision plat.
Copy of deed of the property with recording information shown.
FEMA Form MT-EZ and FEMA Elevation Certificate, with no BFE.
Copy of Survey of stream, property and structure.
Cover letter requesting BFE determination by FEMA and LOMA to remove the structure from the flood plain. We can also request a metes and bounds area to be removed by LOMA.

If the LOMA is successful, notification of the approval will be sent by FEMA. A successful structure removal may allow a lender to remove the requirement of the property owner to purchase flood insurance, or may result in a lower flood insurance premium than without the LOMA. Check with your lender.